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  •  Can one donate in kind (old clothes, books, stationary etc?

        Yes, You can donate books, clothes, stationery, Toys, and households we will distribute that at tribal villages.

  • Who are the people behind Ugam Foundation?

       The realization of a group of young corporate professionals, that it was their Social Responsibility to give back to the               society, laid the inception of Ugam Foundation. Ugam Foundation is managed professionally by a ...

  • What will Ugam do with my donation?

       As soon as the donation through cheque or online is reconciled by the bank, the amount is allotted to the specific                   programme, which it has been meant for. The utilization and results are managed, ...

  • How much should I donate?

       There is no specific amount that should be donated. However, all the programmes have a detailed breakup of the                   expenditure displayed online.

  • How can I donate to Ugam Foundation?

       You can go to Donate Now section of Ugam Foundation’s website and donate online. For other donations related                   queries please write to or call us

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